"A & B" stands for "Aaron and Bud". We started in the business of landscaping and lawncare back in 1979 and have set a goal to improve on what we have learned over the years.
Today we have several well trained crews to help keep up with the many customers we have. It seems that every year that goes by we grow even more. But the one thing we hold dear is the personal touch and relationship we develop with each of our clients.
We always stay on top on the latest products and technology for hardscaping and also landscaping. We want to make sure that our customers get only the best service with nothing less than the best products on the market.

Between us we have well over 60 years of landscape and hardscape experience. This will show to our new customers as we continue to give only the best service possible. We live in the towns around Rochester, NY and we take great pride in knowing that many of the houses and business locations we pass by daily, look beautiful as a direct result of our quality hardscape and landscape service.

Aaron and Bud

Our mission

The mission of A&B Landscape Solutions is dedication to the highest quality of service possible to our customers. We intend on delivering that service with a strong sense of pride and respect for each member of our crews. After all, the people that work for us are not just employees but also our friends and many family members.

We are committed to providing a stable work environment with a equal opportunity for learning and advancement within the company.
Creativity and innovation are highly encouraged with our crews for improving the effectiveness and professionalism of service to our customers.

Peace Of Mind

Our customers can relax knowing that your property is in good hands. Landscape Solutions is fully insured and bonded.

We treat each hardscape or landscape design and installation as if it were on our own property. You have others things better to do than to worry about the outcome of your new improvements, so leave it all to us and sit back and relax. When we finish your new property enhancement we will not be happy or consider it completed until YOU are happy.


We would like to thank Kerhaert's Towing and Auto Repair For helping to maintain of fleet of trucks and trailers with great professional service.