Walkways and entryways are among the areas in your property that you should invest money on. Walkways, for example, will encourage pleasant stroll around your property and start a healthy habit. Entryways, on the other hand, create a pleasant and lasting impression on your guests and friends who come to visit your property.

And here at A&B Landscape Solutions, we specialize in the design and installation of beautiful walkways and entryways that will make heads turn and provide great increased home value. We service Greece, Rochester, Irondequiot, Webster, Victor, Henrietta and all other towns in Monroe county. With us, great-looking and functional hardscapes are easy to achieve.








Beautiful Entryways that catch the eye!

Walkways & Entryways are two of the first things that your visitors will see when they come over to your home. If you think that first impressions matter to your guests then you will want to make sure that a beautiful sidewalk leading to your house is the first thing they see.

For one, it’s vital to consider the overall theme of the interior and the exterior as well. If your property’s interior is designed differently than your outdoors, then you will want your entry way to be a seamless transition between the two.

The material that will be used, especially for the flooring, should also be factored in. Ideally, it should be made of pleasant-looking materials like pavers and granite or marble. The general appearance should be very welcoming, since it is essentially the whole point of designing entryways.


We at A&B Landscape Solutions have a team of highly experienced designers and builders of exceptional and stunning walkways and entryways for both residential and commercial projects. With over 20 years of expertise in creating these beautiful and functional property features for numerous clients, you’re assured of professional results.

Knowing that the materials to be used are very important for long lasting quality that can be trusted, we’ve partnered with reliable industry suppliers. This allows us to use only the finest materials with unmatched quality, ensuring structures and amenities that are built to last. We also have the best tools and equipment to guarantee smooth workflow and timely project completion. And because we have very competitive rates, you’re guaranteed to get your desired hardscapes without breaking your wallet.

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