Hardscaping is the stone portion of any outdoor living space. Hardscaping can be dry installed on a common flexible base, or it can also be cement or adhesive bonded utilizing todays masonry techniques. Usually, Hardscaping comes in several forms like patios, walkways, retaining walls or columns. Hardscaping can be made of wood as well, such as several styles of arbors and archways leading to a garden perhaps, or maybe installed over a hardscaped paver block patio.

No matter what type of hardscape you have plans for, it is quite clear that in todays world hardscape designs are leaving a beautiful mark on our properties.

Some landscaping stones are not designed for specific wall-building applications; they are designed instead to be versatile and suitable to a wide variety of landscape building projects. These blocks are cast in a range of sizes so that they can be assembled, using construction adhesive, in various configurations to build structures such as posts, planters, fire pits, benches, tree rings and mailbox enclosures.

If you can dream it we will do our best to make it a reality!

Not just for walls & walkways

Pavers are landscape or hardscape blocks that are normally used on hard surfaces for paths, walkways, driveways and patios and are also sometimes used for edging garden beds. Blocks intended for use as pavers are manufactured in several styles and from many different materials. Natural stone paving blocks are extremely beautiful but expensive. Brick pavers made from kiln fired clay are less expensive, but they deteriorate over a period of time and require regular maintenance. Molded-concrete paver blocks are less expensive than other paver types, and they are often designed to clone the look of more expensive stone or brick pavers.

The idea of paver block

The Beauty Of Hardscaped Paverstone