Waterfalls and ponds are a beautiful element of any water garden. A&B Landscape Solutions specializes in designing and installing these attractive and tranquil water features. We can build waterfalls that look natural, to over-the-top showcase features all while staying within a cost that fits your pocket!

Waterfalls and ponds can be the most amazing thing you will ever see. No matter where you live we are able to bring a touch of nature to your property. Over the years we have built several ponds that owners have stocked with fish so they can enjoy sitting at the edge and watch on the summer days. The sound of our waterfalls add a peaceful touch to any backyard or landscaped area.







If this sounds nice, we can build one for you! Waterfalls are all different, from rushing water with heavy volume or a swift stream with eddies tumbling over river rock. Waterfalls should look like they have been there forever not man made out of cheap plastic . They should sound natural, not like running water from a hose!

Our abilities to design and construct your waterfall or pond are only limited to your own imagination! Give us a call at 585-342-5296 and let us give you a free estimate on your next dream. We are A&B Landscape Solutions, Your Hardscape, Landscape and Waterscape professionals.